Thursday, June 23, 2011

"U" the only one I love

A beautiful girl had seized my day

"Will never leave me" ur sweet lip always says

Took out my heart and play it like a game

But just give me a comfortable pain...

Repeating the thousand of words when we meet

Unlike other i only have my heart to give

We used to have a goodbye kiss whenever we leave

But all these things can last juz a few week...

The earth will grab the falling stars

The bees will get the pollen from flowers

The peace wll end the endless wars

Will u keep my fallin heart or feel fear to keep???

Many ppl tell that Angels are pretty

Because they huvn't seen ur beauty

The perfect smile of yours is just for me

Do u think i'm a bit greedy...

I felt so pity to Fate when i'm with u

I yelled to that thing with a million of fools

I only have u and seriouly love u which is purely ture

But now i was blocked in the room with a full of blue...


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