Tuesday, July 6, 2010

U r mine & I'm Yours

u took my heart away
wit ta cute smile change my day
give ta happiness to place my day
there is no remedy for loneliness to stay
i luv u more than i can say...

i put ur name in my heart
like a tattoo forever last
want to stay wit u in ta earth
keep u away from ta dark
luv u from ta bottom of my heart...

ta way we think r not ta same
dunt worry babe i will change
ta way i care if u dunt like
i will change it before nite
i wont leave u and hate u
cuz my whole world meant to u...

all ta luv tat i make
in ta world onli u can take
as to tell u tat u r mine
i need u for everytime
as to prove tat i'm yours
i will always listen to ur word...

'i was born for u'


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