Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Eternity 19

as the day changes from time to time
u are always on my mind
as the nite changes from time to time
always want u to be mine

the distance between us is not a matter
i can tell u tat i wil leave u nvr
make our two souls bind together
cuz i wan to be wit u forever...

try to start my mrng wit ur kiss
not to hurt u at the moment we meet
the eternity 19 is the day i miss
witout u my life will be dead romantic...

carryin ur heart and movin around the earth
if i'm wit u, i feel pretty fearless
as u r my first and last
our luv will be nvr end...

staring at the star and thinkin about u
nth is more important than u is true
i wont care luvin u is such a fool
being ur lover i'm always cool...


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