Sunday, December 18, 2011

All About U

i dreamed of u for many times
u r waving ur hand and saying GoodBye
i thought u can always be mine
no matter how hard i will be ur valentine...

fill up my emptiness with ur happiness
my heart is feeling sick of loneliness
i can't live without u is obvious
for u, my love is full of forgiveness

i swear i'm falling on you
and the three words are true
"I treasure U"
there is no meaning for night without moon
u r the reason of my life to continue...

the memory of us will still remain in the rain
the melody of love will play without any pain
for more than century our love will not change
right under my left chest, i will put a tattoo of ur name...

i took u for granted and broke my promise
making a mistake which u can't forgive
let me wipe away ur hate by giving u a kiss
without u, there is no meaning for me to live...


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