Monday, April 16, 2012

The Story of Dead Romeo

feel free to take my heart with you away
without you it's super hard to pass my day
with the innocent look u r like juliet from the play
touch dead romeo heart to let him alive again...

without the twinkle stars the sky is empty
which looks like my world without u babe
there is only one hope for me to meet u daily
the time being with u make me going crazy...

use ur real eyes to realize the real lies
sudden kinds of ur smile make my heart stop for a while
don't blame me for greedy i'm juz want ur everythings
don't think that i'm so jealousy, it's juz fear of losing u only...

you are a girl beautiful like an angel
and a guiding star wipe away my trouble
you got the power to take down my heart
and u also know how to lift it back up...

staying beside u to feel your heart beating
it's too complicated to know for whom ur heart is beating
being the last jerk for u is just in imagination
i have no word to prove that i'm not a drama king...


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