Saturday, August 6, 2011


A look from u juz a moment

Which stunned my heart more than seconds

Only have a chance to keep ur photograph

Gazing at it until the sun set

But it doesn't make any sense...

The time is moving very fine

As my heart is beating out the rhyme

Making a joke to see ur smile ( :D )

I'm so fool on u to be mine

But u always give me a negative sign...

Turning back and seeking for u

Pretender words can nvr be true

Play my heart and leave it as u do

dream about travel to the moon wit u

Anyway i'm happy with such a kind of fool...

U r my angel for twenty-first century

Can't find the word to express ur beauty in dictionary

Writing about 'how much i miss u' in my diary

Whenever i'm wit u, i feel the earth has no gravity

I won't forget u until i lost my memory...

Unlike u as the days go, i will become old

Is it possible to bind our two souls

Without u i feel like living in the north pole

How much i love u when u know

At that time I will not b wit u anymore...

P.S. "adapted from the novel 'The Lost Boy'"


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