Saturday, August 6, 2011


Days are wearing a various masks

Giving different mood to different ppl

We all are doing our own task

Fate sends trouble to us like an evil...

The soild world becomes dirty

When all the love are replaced by hate

Some ppl are bullied by stupid damned things

Dunt forget tat we all are slaves of fate...

Some said that life is such a beautiful place

For me, it is juz like a game of fate

Smart ppl are wearing the mask to cover their face

Only with the mask u can't be safe...

Lucky person will see the Sun tomorrow

Unlucky one will leave the world before today

Weeping and crying will give u sad and sorrow

Thanks GOD for letting us pass another birthday...

The times pass extremely fast

Which left nth like a light ray

Unlucky me always get last

Who dare to be a friend wit JAY...


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