Saturday, August 6, 2011


The hardest thing between u and me

Believin each other is the most important thing

Cryin in the rain witout someone noticed

But u r still enjoyin the summer breeze...

The moment we meet at the certain place

My heart was stunned by ur smiley face

My eyes were stucked at ur beautiful smile

And only tis smile kill me many times...

The stars are sparkling on the sky

Wit the help of the moon they can freely bright

My heart beats were followed by ur love rhyme

U r the only one who make me still alive...

Wanna drink a coffee made by u

Without u I dunt know what I huv to do

My bleeding heart is missin u

Evryth is nth in my world without u...

Now my tears are mixin wit the rain

Give me a chance to luv u again

Leave me alone like the last train

Dunt treat me like a September rain...

I can still remember your touch

Can still feel the warmness of ur heart

Why did u break ur promise n make my world mess

Is it important to care the third person in our love????


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