Saturday, August 6, 2011

Where is the Love???

Where is the luv???

I used to question & answer myself

until ta day i found u in ta earth

and tat day was a beautiful Sunday

replaced ur luv and make all ta hate fade away...

broken heart started to beat again

ta bloody earth is wit the full of pain

but i'm still dancin in the rain

dunt want to be a villain in this play...

wake me up wit ur morning kiss

make me sleep wit ur night kiss

fking miss u since the day u leave

ur fake luv broke my heart into pieces..

i dunt know why i'm still missin

freakin things are messin in the vein

breakin heart cant be controlled by the brain

lonely soul will always be the same...

am i ur dead meat or ur tiny creep

i can still get ur smell whenever i breathe

'I LOVE U so much' how to prove it???

freeze my heart by putting it in the fridge

then i will give you as a Valentine Gift...


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