Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Girl

if i huv a chance to stay

i'm sure that i will not go away

i love u more than yesterday

tomorrow will be more than today...

play the melody with my heartbeats

write the poem for u to read

give all of my times to fulfill ur wishes

i'm afraid to tell it "i love u indeed"...

i wish i can be with u together

until no more days in the calendar

i wish i can be with u forever

with ur smile, all the troubles can be conquered...

my tears are flowing like a river

when u treat me like a stranger

why i cannot be your lover

i dunt want to be like the month December...

i'm still keeping the cup, with ur lipstick

under the light candle stick, i had ur first kiss

write down the diary about how much i miss?

our memory can never be dead romantic...

i prayed to GOD for not being apart

i gave a thousand promises to GOD i will keep u in my heart

the words can't tell how much i love

Girl, nothing can compare to you in this earth...


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