Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Dunt Want U Bak

I don't welcome anyone on my morning

But days with a tender breeze come silently

Nights which drive a crazy dream pass easily

And 'U' were put in my heart accidentally...

I'm now walking thru the endless road

Carrying the bag with the sadness load

Writing this poem on the death note

With the bleeding heart full of hope...

U know that we can't take back the past

U know that i really love u from the first

U know that i want to be your last

But ur every heart beats express that i can't be ur Jerk...

I wrote a thousand of poems for u

Juz wanna let u know my love is true

Loving you is not breaking the social rule

Who can love u more than i do...

'Missing u' sms which are in my sms draft

This f***ing fate always give me a back luck

I will always act like i don't want u back

Can u please don't flirt with other duck???


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