Wednesday, November 30, 2011


this has been a hell week
including the weekends, my days are sick
unpretendable feelings are dropping so deep
day by day i realized tat i had become a dead meat...

Time is moving too slow to meet each other
but it will pass like a light ray when we are together
Girl, i wish i can let ur chin to rest on my shoulder
after grabbing ur hand, i came to know the meaning of forever...

life is not a movie clip cuz there is no ending
the days of being in here are like a day dreaming
the smile beneath ur mask make me disgusting
cuz of the cruel ppl the surrounding is bleeding...

nobody will care about us as we are not popular
a simple love always emerge from the heart not from formula
without you tomorrow will not be a sweet december
Can i pass the december by tearing the 2011 calendar...

"The One Who Love U"


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