Monday, November 7, 2011

My Love For U

Seems like love had changed to different form
living with the lonely things make every single day down
without u beside me is like a summer without a song
these things are fading away when u were found...

nobody can know what is happening inside my heart
but Girl, u know that i am loving u from the start
there is a rule of the earth which is nth can last
but Girl, i can last for u cuz my love is beyond
the rule of the earth...

i keep on asking myself about how much i can love
my every thought is feeling pity on Romeo & Juliet
my every single beat is following the beat of ur heart
after knowing u, i came to realize that
u r part of my life...

making our love strong by binding two souls into one
i'll always be ur man no matter how hard does the thing come
under the uncertain time, the only thing i want is to hold ur hand
in an unpredictable time, i hope we will huv full of fun...

the love which grows in my heart is all for you
disappearance of u is like u r testing how much i miss u
long term relationship can make ourselves like a fool
until tomorrow and tomorrow my love will be always true for u
and some more i deadly need u...

"The One Who Luv U"

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