Monday, November 7, 2011

Eternity 19!!!

Thou i was surrounded by a million people
but i'm still lonely when you are not here
my love is like a white cloud which is pure
nothing is real when u r not near me…

distance between us is juz a kilometer
another year will be added by 19 september
forget all the pains to stand beyond the hate border
by loving u i promote myself as a surrender...

Smile plus ur beauty are precious
only you can replace my emptiness
the time i spent with u are priceless
in this round earth, u r the only princess...

my thought was floating on the endless sky
like the twinkle stars far away from million miles
u can trust me for not saying u goodbye
cuz my days were made up with your beautiful smile...

as we are far away, i feels like we are still together
many people said that nothing last forever
but we still can pass this september together
and our eternity 19 will be last forever and ever...

with u i came to know what is trust
i dun care anyone talking bad about us
as long as u r still keeping me in ur heart
thanks u for giving me a chance to know what is love…..

"The One Who Luv U"

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