Sunday, November 13, 2011

Emotional Moment

my feelings were influenced by the lonely
sometimes which makes me weary
it's hard to survive without u, daddy
juz want to go bak to the time living with family...

i lied to Mom when they asked "How are you?"
i put on my smile and tell her "i'm always cool..."
nobody knows that i'm floating on the sadness pool
which place can be better than living together with you...

everything is moving like nothing is sick
but the world has possessed a full of trick
it's too complicated for us to go and think about it
and dudes, i'm not the ball for u to kick...

before we meet, we are juz an unknown person like other
but now we share our love and promoted into lover
giving u a bear hug and let u sleep peacefully on my shoulder
tho our loves are real, it's still difficult to predict our future...

the time without them are 24/7, my everything is broken
the past time with time can't be forgotten which is like a heaven
i will pretend to be happy like no worries but inside is burnt
learn from mistake as no one is perfect and prepare to be ready for ur turn to come
"because everyone can not always be one!!!"

"The One Who Luv U"

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