Monday, November 7, 2011

Eternity Love!!!

Days are coming quietly
and nites swift silently
beyond the boundary of time
my heart is like a fearless child...

the tears are flowing to the ground
when ur beautiful shoulder is not around
i wish i can be part of ur song
without you my days are very long...

loneliness has been a good friend of mine
my white guitar is played a lonesome rhyme
our memories are flattered on the blue sky
by stealing ur heart, i had committed the love crime...

missing u is like a kind of disease
which can nvr be killed by antibiotic
loving u is like a kind of fever
which can nvr be cured by doctor...

almost 365 days that we are away
monthly nineteen is our anniversary day
September rain will wash the pain and fear
we had been fallen on each other for 7 years....

fill up the gap between us by MISS
treat my dry lips with ur comfortable KISS
feed my love to u like a tiny creep
only left uncountable day & nite for us to MEET...

"The One Who Love U"

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