Monday, November 7, 2011


feels like every touches are still alive
Girl u r the only one tat i evr had
i am still missin the beautiful nite
for leaving u, i was punished by my luv...

feels like everything's are still the same
by the time our eyes meet again
i huv a reason for breakin up
but u r still the number one in my heart...

seems like my heart is still wit u
and the only word to u, my luv is true
i had left u but it still hurt me hard
tis is the only thing tat i deserved...

my nightmare date store my happiness
replace wit ta sadness like it will nvr left
luv is like a string it can be 2 pieces
the both ends will hurt when it was cut

in order to luv u long i want to be strong
my everywhere are full wit the smell of ur hair
witin tis surroundin how can i stop luvin
i came to know tat sayin goodbye is ta hardest thing...

Bye word for u is
Beloved You are Eternity...

"The One Who Luv U"

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