Monday, November 7, 2011

Dunt Leave Me

December will turn back again
i wish i could meet u for a while
Day & Night i miss ur smile
11:11 can't make me forget our time
juz keep on making a beautiful rhyme
if there is no u, i will die...

Bind our two souls together
i hope we can be forever
making our luv for better
counting the stars fallin to the earth shoulder
lying on the bed and missin u ever
keepin the promise on nvr leave each other...

I wish i'm the best for u
as u r so special to me
all of the words i told u is true
i believe tat u will not make me fool
 juz want to hear tat u luv me too
without u i'm so blue...

i felt lonely when u r not around
juz give me some happiness and u r gone
dunt leave me with a beautiful song
there is no girl like 'u' in the world now
pls luv me few and luv me long
without u i'm so down...

"The One Who Luv U"

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