Monday, November 7, 2011

never say goodbye

before we meet each other,
we live our life as a stranger
after we know each other,
we make the same life together...

i used to make u smile
cuz i wanna see ur beautiful eye
u used to make me cry cuz
u want me to miss u everytime...

if i huv a chance to say,
i will luv u all ta way
if u want to leave me away,
i will try to end my day...

As for ta whole world, i may b zero
but for u i will always be ur hero...
As ta time go, u will b old
but for me u will always be my babe doll...

the only thing tat u make,
my whole world is full of hate
nth can make us break
u will nvr be replaced...

evryth will be fine
as long as u r mine
the only thing i will not lie
i will nvr say goodbye...

truly yours...
The One Who Luv U

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