Monday, November 7, 2011

Juz Welcome My December & U

for knowin u more than a year
u r still think me like a liar
i'm not ta one who lights up the fire
juz wanna hear tat i'm ur admirer...

Yesterday was a 3rd December
My heart was stunned by a sweet smiler
accidently met u in Lucky Plaza
dunt wanna think tat u r the heart breaker...

nvr thought tat it will hurt u
cheated u is not to make u fool
still dunt know wat i huv done to u
always try to be true on u...

for all the luv tat my heart is make
it's juz only for u to take
even fate can't change my heart to replace
So, dunt try to change ur smiley face...

My Tears are droppin
My earth is cryin
My mind is dyin
but My Bleedin heart is still luvin
juz for u i am still livin...

"The One Who Luv U"

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