Monday, November 7, 2011

I Love You Anyway

When you have to go away
you can just leave me like yesterday
when you have no much to say
i will find a song for you to play...

ur boredom lead us play the heart broken game
the grey sky greets us with the tender rain
the feeling of your touch dissolve in the vein
should i blame u for not remember my name...

the more i put my love into it, the more pain i suffer
with these kinds of pain i feel like i'm so paper
the taste of ur smile is like a sweet butter
but the smile tat u give me are always beyond the expired...

i keep the promises that you gave me last night
i have a tattoo which i got it from our last fight
grabbing ur hand and talking about love until the sun bright
i didn't expect that you will break the promises and leave my life...

i make a joke of myself for you to laugh
hardly believe that the joke will make u disgust
i hide my tear and pretend to smile with my broken heart
how dare u told that my love can nvr be trust...

i make a wish during the sun and moon meet
pass my days happily with ur broken promises
why u open ur eyes wide when i kiss ur lips
i love u anyway, my sweetest sweet...

"The One Who Luv U"

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