Monday, November 7, 2011

Without U

things will never be the same
my tomorrow are still making me lame
Girl, u r rite.. i'm totally lack of brain
but i can tell u tat i will nvr forget ur name...

i forgot to care u when u r with me
and also dunt know what is happening
everythings are seem to be fading away
as the times are moving day by day...

my friends told me that i'm a playboy
but Girl, i juz trying to be ur special guy
all of my words to u are not a lies
wipe out ur tears and give me a honey smile...

still willing for the time we can meet
and i'm missing the touch of ur lips
still want to huv ur wonderful kiss
which had made me forgot to breathe...

i need u like no one do
as i'm always true to u
i miss u like everything is fool
in this world nth can compare to u
Girl, with all of my heart I LOVE U...

"The One Who Luv U"

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