Monday, November 7, 2011

I Can't Help Luvin U

uncountable days are gone
wat is the meaning of i was born
the bloody things make me alone
my heart is bleeding n u leave it torn
u will be happy when u see my wound...

i know tat u r away in thousand miles
the birds are wakin me up from the beautiful sky
i always believe ur words even u lie
my luvs are blind when i see ur smile...

i hate the fate which will make us to break
i will kill the fate so we can be together in one place
dunt believe the fate and stab my heart wit a blade
cuz u r the only one who i can't replace

how to live without u in the earth
i still luvin u even u broke my heart
my romantic thought will end to death
but i still missin the time we met...

Yesterday, i was wit u in my dream
i went to the place tat i had nvr been
n want to convert my life to live in the dream
"i can't help luvin u" is the word tat u will seen
some ppl will think i'm so emotion...

My heart sent u a msg to forgive
without u my love will be dead romantic
i am seekin u in all the place as u did
i am so weak cuz without u i can't live
My heart will still beating until we meet...

if can't be ur lover...
let me be ur favorite hello and urs hardest goodbye...

"The One Who Luv U"

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